Reportage vidéo sur France Ô avec José Garcia

Avis aux francophones et/ou amateurs de José Garcia. Vous n’êtes (peut-être) pas sans savoir que cet hiver José a joué au pro rider à nos côtés, en Martinique. Si vous avez raté la diffusion du reportage dimanche soir sur France Ô, voici le lien pour vous rattraper :,104507930.html !


FISE Academy Caraïbes : 10 crazy days in Martinique !

The year begun pretty good for me, I was invited in Martinique for the starting of a new kite school, FISE Academy Caraïbes. I’ve never been in this french island before, that’s actually a pity, cause it’s a beautiful place and the wind didn’t stop blowing since I’m here.

With my friends and pro riders Charlotte Consorti, Alex Caizergues, Cesar Portas and Marie Desandre Navarre, we spent 10 crazy days in the most beautiful house of the island, Domaine des fonds blancs. We were there for promoting the island as a great kite spot, so we were filming and photo shooting every day with the french star, José Garcia.

We discovered every spots of Martinique (Cap Est, Cap Chevalier, Vauclin, Bassine de Joséphine…), and it’s amazing how you can enjoy wave riding, free riding and free styling in the same place.

You will know everything about this trip in the next Stance Magazine issue, and on a french TV report as well… But no worries, I will let you know !

Meanwhile, you can have a look on my Facebook page, where I posted a lot of pics :

Clem action 8 1654463_594603293965678_617541839_n

New video !

Hey everybody, after an awesome winter around the world, I’m finally back a home. So it’s time for working on my coming videos and projects. To start on a good way the spring, this a new teaser for a coming video shared with my team mate Alexandre Lefebvre and Dylan Ribeiro. It’s all about the insane sessions I had in Martinique, I hope you will enjoy it ( !


New video : Winter in Hot Water part 1 !

Here we are ! Finally my new video, from Brazil is online.

Brazil is one of my favorite destination for kiting, I cannot imagine a winter without to go there. So I did it again and stayed more than 1 month in Barra Nova for training, filming and enjoying the local lifestyle.
This is the first part from my winter in hot water, I hope you will enjoy it !


Merry Christmas !

Since 1 week now I’m back from Brasil, to enjoy Christmas time with my family, in the South of France. I wish to all of you to spend great times as well with your loved ones.


I enjoy the winter for few days, cause next sunday I’m flying again to a warm destination… Guess where ?