The Crash Edit

This winter was epic but, unfortunately, I didn’t score enough good sessions to make a proper kiteboarding vid’.

BUT, 2 goods news :

-I decided to edit a short video with all my crash footages !

-The summer looks sick, and I plan some awesome kite trips for shooting new videos, so stay tuned !!!

Check it out :

The Crash Edit

The Crash Edit

Epic trip in Nicaragua

Usually when I cross the Atlantic Ocean I go straight to Brazil or Venezuela. But, this time, I decided to do something… different !

I joined my sister who’s left 6 months ago for travelling with her boyfriend across America with a van. They bought “BOUMBO” the big car in Canada, and they made the road trough USA, Mexico, Equador, Honduras, Guatemala until Nicaragua where I joined them by flight.

Inside Boumbo

Inside Boumbo

Boumbo from outside

Boumbo from outside

Doing a trip by bus is not the same than a typical trip. You meet a lot of people, you see tonnes of things (animals, views…), you have some different adventures (get stuck in the sand, burst the care’s tyre…). In short, travelling by van is epic.

We made a lot of stops along the Pacific coast to enjoy the perfect waves :

Yep, I love surfing

Yep, I love surfing

And we went to the huuuuge Nicargua lake, in the middle of the country, the only lake in the world where bull sharks lives… Woo pretty excited ! So I had to jump a lot in order to spend less time possible on the water :

Jump 1...

Jump 1…

jump 2...

jump 2…

No, no, no, I don't wanna land...!

No, no, no, I don’t wanna land…!

And then, I decided to teach kitesurfing to my sister and her boyfriend, cause I know they love a lot animals… And, they survived !


We lived like this during almost 3 weeks, we drove down until Costa Rica, enjoying each session, each beach, each sunset…


This was, for sure, one of the best trip of my life !

Kite Camp : Dakhla du 11 au 19 Avril


Du 11 au 19 Avril prochain, venez me rejoindre à Dakhla pour une semaine de ride et de coaching intensif sur la meilleure lagune du Maroc ! Quelque soit votre niveau (premiers bords, premiers sauts, premiers “déhookages”), je vous accompagnerais et vous donnerais les bons tuyaux pour accélérer votre apprentissage.

Pour toute info ou réservations, rendez-vous sur le site de Fun & Fly : et n’hésitez pas à m’envoyer un message ( si vous avez des questions !

From 11th to 19th April 2015, come and join me at Dakhla for one week of ride & coaching on the best lagoon of the morocan desert ! For further informations and booking, check at : !

New video : How to do a back to wrapped

Sunday is freestyle day ! So I decided to do a new instructional video about one of my favorite trick, the back to wrapped.

The back to wrapped is a bit technical trick, but you can learn it fast without crashing too hard !
There is probably many ways to do it, but this is mine :

-first step you have to train with backroll toeside, with the kite very low
-pop as long as you can, until your body is almost stretched out on the water
-pull on your bar as your are toeside in the air, in order to mak the 180 degrees more at the end of the trick
-keep the bar the closest you can on your back and go into the wrap
-keep on riding, pass the bar, enjoy your session !

Check it out :

back to wrapped

back to wrapped

Winter in Hot Water part 2

As promised, this is the second part of my awesome winter ! First I went to Martinique, a french island into the caribbean sea, for the FISE Academy. In the second part of my travel I went to Guadeloupe, another beautiful caribbean island. Conditions were not really consistent, and I trained less than I was expecting, but anyway, this was a perfect winter and I hope you will enjoy it :


Winter in hot water part 2

Winter in hot water part 2

Reportage vidéo sur France Ô avec José Garcia

Avis aux francophones et/ou amateurs de José Garcia. Vous n’êtes (peut-être) pas sans savoir que cet hiver José a joué au pro rider à nos côtés, en Martinique. Si vous avez raté la diffusion du reportage dimanche soir sur France Ô, voici le lien pour vous rattraper :,104507930.html !


FISE Academy Caraïbes : 10 crazy days in Martinique !

The year begun pretty good for me, I was invited in Martinique for the starting of a new kite school, FISE Academy Caraïbes. I’ve never been in this french island before, that’s actually a pity, cause it’s a beautiful place and the wind didn’t stop blowing since I’m here.

With my friends and pro riders Charlotte Consorti, Alex Caizergues, Cesar Portas and Marie Desandre Navarre, we spent 10 crazy days in the most beautiful house of the island, Domaine des fonds blancs. We were there for promoting the island as a great kite spot, so we were filming and photo shooting every day with the french star, José Garcia.

We discovered every spots of Martinique (Cap Est, Cap Chevalier, Vauclin, Bassine de Joséphine…), and it’s amazing how you can enjoy wave riding, free riding and free styling in the same place.

You will know everything about this trip in the next Stance Magazine issue, and on a french TV report as well… But no worries, I will let you know !

Meanwhile, you can have a look on my Facebook page, where I posted a lot of pics :

Clem action 8 1654463_594603293965678_617541839_n

2nd place at the Wake Air Contest

For the second year I took part to the Wake Air Contest in the South of France. Some of the best french kiteboarders and wakeboarders were there, as my good friend, the world champion speed, Charlotte Consorti.

Charlotte Consorti and I

Charlotte Consorti, Maureen Castelle and I


About the contest, it’s easy, all the riders had to make a team with one wakeboarder and one kiteboarder. Each of them had to compete in their speciality. Unfortunately, as there was just no wind, all the kiteboarders made the contest in wakeboarder, that’s actually was pretty funny !


Wakeboarding at Wake Air Contest

Wakeboarding at Wake Air Contest

Finally, I’m stocked to take the second position, with my mate, Mel Falcou !

Girls Podium

Girls Podium

Interview sur KiteTrip Planner

Merci à Kite Trip Planner pour cette chouette petite interview  :

Interview KiteTrip Planner

Interview KiteTrip Planner

Si vous êtes en manque de bonnes destinations kite pour cet hiver, n’hésitez pas à jeter un oeil à leur site internet très bien ficelé !